autumn photography

The results are in from the Trust’s Autumn Photography Competition. The entries were all fantastic and a real privilege to look through with our photography teacher at FCC. You can see some of the entries in the carousel of pictures above. The winners are listed below.

Reception, year 1 & 2:

Winner: Ayden, year 1 Faringdon Infant School
Second: Alice, year 1 Longcot
Third: James, year 1 Faringdon Infant School

Year 3 & 4:

Winner: Oliver, year 4 Faringdon Junior School
Second: Bertie, year 4 Faringdon Junior School
Third: Wilfred, year 3 Longcot

Year 5 & 6:

Winner: Owen, year 5 Faringdon Junior School
Second: Grace, year 5 Buckland
Third: Victoria, year 5 Longcot

Year 7, 8 & 9:

Winner: Amelie, year 7 FCC
Second: Dorothy, year 7 FCC
Third: Ned, year 8 FCC

Year 10, 11, 12 & 13:

Winner: Thomas, year 12 FCC
Second: Jack, year 13 FCC
Third: Naz, year 10 FCC

a couple of staff took part as well…

We also had entries from L. Warren and L. Parker.