The Board of Trustees and Members

The Board of Trustees 

The Board consists of 12 Trustees (also known as Directors). They represent the interests and views of all the Academy schools at Board level. They are essentially responsible for the day to day running of the ‘company’.

Our Board of Trustees are:

Duncan Millard: Chief Executive Officer
Liz Holmes: Chair, Board of Directors
Christine Price-Smith
Jeremy Twynam
Ian Wright
Paul Turner; Chair of Quality of Education
Anthony Cook; Chair of Resources Committee
Paul Walker
Helen Turner
Mark Greenwood

Our Members

We are required to have 4 Members.  Our  current Members are:

David Wilson, Member with Primary Experience; Date of Appointment 17th July 2019

Gordon Joynor; Member representing the DBE; Date of Appointment 1st November 2013

Liz Holmes; Chair of Directors; Date of Appointment 14th September 2017

Bob Wintringham; Member with Secondary Experience; Date of Appointment 25th September 2017

Members and Trustees resignations

John Kirk: Resigned 1st February 2018

Nicola Ferguson: Resigned 8th June 2018

Richard Hancock: Resigned 17th July 2018

Jan Wiejak: Resigned 31st July 2018

Dave Wilson: end of ex-officio 31st August 2018

Anthony Cook (Member): Resigned 12th June 2019

Bob Wintringham: Resigned 31st August 2019

Louise Warren: Resigned 20th October 2019

Rachel Kenyon: Resigned 14th January 2020

Duncan Millard: Resigned 31 August 2023

Christine Price-Smith: Resigned 5th October 2023

Sharon Farrell: Resigned 17th November 2023

Malcolm Sperrin: Resigned 17th November 2023