Trust unveils new name

As of this academic year the trust entered its eighth year as Faringdon Academy of Schools. When we formed in April 2012 the academies programme was still in its formative years and our name was born out of the original formation of the trust around the College and Infant and Junior Schools within Faringdon and the change to designating schools as academies. It did not take us too long to expanded to include Buckland, John Blandy, Longcot and Fernham, Shrivenham and Watchfield primary schools.

Since 2013 the collaborative ethos of our trust has solidified and become one of our core strengths. This has served us well over the challenging and somewhat turbulent times of recent months therefore it now seems fitting that the trust brings forward our plans to move to a trust name that better reflect our core purpose and cohesive nature of trust.

Trustees and members reached agreement on the change of trust name when they met in December 2019. Since then work has been on going to capture all the actions need to enable this to happen and to determine the optimum time to implement the name change. As with many of the plans our schools and the trust intend to implement this year they have not unfolded as planned but even in these unusual times the right moment for change can still present itself.

I am therefore pleased to be able to let you know that from the 1st September 2020 our trust will become known as the Faringdon Learning Trust. Whilst this may seem a small change it is one which more accurately captures the core purpose of the trust whilst allowing us to give a nod to our roots. The Faringdon Learning Trust name allow us to better reflect that we are a trust dedicated to providing opportunities for all pupils to learn and flourish and become confident young citizens in the 21st century.

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