Primary education in Faringdon

The Department for Education has recently approved the Trust’s plans to convert Faringdon Infant School and Faringdon Junior School to separate all-through primaries. We are working towards the changes taking effect from next September (2022). At this point, the infant and junior schools will become separate primary schools.

This is the culmination of many years’ work (see the timeline below) and we are very excited about the opportunities it provides to continue offering the best possible education to all young learners. What is now Faringdon Infant School will be moving to a new site which we are working closely on with Oxfordshire County Council. The plan is for the new school building to open in September 2022.

We appreciate that you might have some questions about how all of this will affect you and your children, which is why we have created the FAQs below. If you have a question that is not addressed, email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, both schools will have new names when they convert to primaries in September 2022, and will continue to be part of Faringdon Learning Trust.

Both schools have been working with key stakeholders to decide on a school name and logo, both of which will be unveiled as soon as possible.

The postcode is SN7 7PL, which is off Sands Hill on Park Road, Faringdon.

The site will be transferred back to Oxfordshire County Council, which owns the site.

Yes! In 2015 a new purpose-built Reception block was built at FJS with its own play area. It has already been used to teach KS1 pupils from FIS.

Since then, further enhancements have been made to the school site in preparation for conversion.

Whilst each school will be allowed to have a unique identity, the Trust will encourage them to work collaboratively and we will ensure, as we now do with all our primaries, that each school will drive high academic standards and excellence in teaching and learning. Both schools will continue to be supported by the Trust in all areas.

Both primaries will offer nursery provision.

The relocated Faringdon Infant School, operating as a primary, will open in September 2022 with a new Year 3, which will be the previous year’s Faringdon Infant School Year 2.

The following year, September 2023, the cohort will move to Year 4, then Year 5 and finally Year 6. At this point, September 2025, FIS will be offering provision for all years.

The Faringdon Junior School will open, as a primary, in September 2022 with:

  • Nursery
  • Reception – for those who choose to apply in the autumn/winter of 2021 to Faringdon Junior School Reception
  • Year 1 – for those who  already have a place and will be entering as FJS Reception children in September 2021 being taught at FIS
  • Year 2 – for those who currently have a Reception place for FJS and are being taught at FIS
  • Year 3 – for those who currently have a Year 1 place for FJS being taught at FIS
  • Year 4, 5 and 6, of the cohort at FJS

Your child will be taught at FIS for their Reception year. In September 2022 your child will be entering Year 1 and will move to FJS.

In September 2022 your child will be entering Year 2 and will move to FJS.

In September 2022 your child will be entering Year 3 and will move to FJS.

In September 2022 your child will entering Y4 and will already be at FJS.

In September 2022 your child will be entering Year 1 and will relocate with FIS.

In September 2022 your child will be entering Year 2 and will relocate with FIS.

In September 2022 your child will be entering Year 3 and WILL STAY with FIS and relocate.

You will have applied to join Faringdon Junior School and will enter as a Year 3 in September 2021.

In September 2022 your child will be entering Y4 and will already be at FJS.

Both schools will be offering Reception places in September 2022. It will be important that you indicate your preferences for which school you wish your child to go to during the admissions process.  

Your admissions email/letter will state what school your child is registered with. You will have received this in the April prior to your child starting in the September. If you unable to find this letter, please email the infant school office on [email protected] with the subject line: Which school is my child registered at? The school will reply with this information via parentpay, to your registered email address. They are not permitted to share this data over the phone.

f you wish to move your child from one school to the other, ie FJS to FIS or FIS to FJS, you may do this now, for now. The process is managed by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) and you can find further information, and the form to be completed, HERE. If there is not a space you will be added to a continuing interest list.

We are working closely with OCC to monitor these numbers.

We are aware that currently (May 2021) the Reception year is full with the existing FJS and FIS cohort, and we are unable to transfer pupils from FIS to FJS. Parents will be asked if they wish to join the continuing interest list that opens for the next academic year on June 1st 2021.

There will be no impact on where your child is currently taught, as all Reception and KS1 pupils are taught at the infant school.

There is no gap in your child’s schooling, they are not moved from one school to the other until you accept the offer.

The schools are very aware that families may have children in both schools. They are working together to develop what is best for the schools and families, and this includes looking at the proposal of a staggered start time.

As the project moves forward, further information will be shared.

Further information will be shared when the new names and logos are announced, which is planned for June 2021.

As per government guidance, a school travel plan will be developed that takes into account the requirement to reduce car use and the management of traffic-related issues, as well as encouraging a mix of walking, cycling and bus journeys to school as appropriate for a school off Park Road.

We will keep the Trust website updated as further developments occur. Updates will also be published on the school websites under ‘news’.

Please email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


september 2022

Target date for new school opening and transitioning of FJS and FIS to primaries

april 2021

Approval received from the Government to convert FIS to FJS to primaries

March 2021

Full Business Case for converting FJS and FIS to primaries submitted to EFSA

January-March 2021

Consultation carried out on design of new school building. Planning application submitted for new school site in Faringdon. Consultation carried out with stakeholders on new school names and logos.

december 2016

September 2015

Purpose-built Reception block opened at FJS


Faringdon Neighbourhood Plan Town Council consultation. Trust works with the Town Council and District Council to provide information on education provision planning.

March 2013

Public consultation carried out by Trust on the long-term strategy of educational provision to convert Faringdon Infant School and Faringdon Junior School to primary schools