Trustee / Non-executive Director

This Position Closes on the 20/01/2022

Trustee / Non-executive Director
Volunteer Role

Faringdon Learning Trust is looking to recruit two new trustees/non-executive directors.

The board consists of 12 Trustees who through the range of skills and experience they bring to this role enable the trust to effectively discharge its legal duties and responsibilities.

Faringdon Learning Trust is a mixed trust currently consisting of 7 primary schools and 1 secondary school. Three of our trustees are appointed by the Oxfordshire Diocesan Board of Education as 3 of our primary schools are Church of England schools.

  • Faringdon Learning Trust is looking for two individuals with board level experience inEducation Leadership (Secondary), OR
  • Governance (Secondary), OR
  • Business, OR
  • Branding/Marketing OR PR/Communications

Board governance in education is a strategic ‘eyes on, hands off’ commitment which typically requires Trustees to dedicate between 40 to 50 hours per year (approx. 4 -5 hours per month) to their role based on attending:

  • 6 Board meetings a year – meetings general start at either 4.30 pm or 6.30pm
  • Around 5 committee meetings per year and
  • Taking on one of the various trustee link roles that support the work of the board.

Meetings will be held in person at school premises or via Teams if the current CV-19 pandemic prevents them occurring in person.

Successful candidates will be required to undertake a DBS check and undertake safeguarding and GDPR training as part of their role (all costs will be covered by the Trust).

Please direct any questions to the HR Manager on 01367 240375 and return the completed application forms to: [email protected]