Support | Challenge | Collaborate


We are an Oxfordshire multi-academy trust consisting of nine schools with common values and goals. Our values are ‘support’, ‘challenge’ and ‘collaborate’. Our goals help us give students the best chance of developing into thoughtful and capable citizens of the 21st century.

Vision and ethos

We work to send students into the world with an appreciation of how it works and the tools and drive to make it better. Underpinning our values are three key principles: Learners first (a focus on our core purpose of achieving the best outcomes); Nurture and develop our people (making sure our staff are supported to make a difference); Strengthen and grow (improving through self-evaluation and continuous learning).

How we operate

We support and guide our schools in delivering high academic standards and excellence in teaching, while encouraging them all to maintain their unique identities. A number of our primaries are Church of England schools, and we are firmly committed to them maintaining their Christian ethos.

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